Gravel Dispute in Lawrence County

LYNN (KAIT) Questions are being raised in Lawrence  as to why the county is buying gravel from Sharp county and not locally.

It's a long haul v. A short haul.

So, is there useable gravel in Lawrence county?

Darrell Guerin, "Definitely, definitely, useable gravel more than this pit but this pit is good, this is as good material as you find. "

Judge Alex Latham, "There is some gravel in Lawrence county but it's not as good quality that we need. "

Darrell Guerin from Lynn is saying going farther for gravel is wasting fuel and not efficient.

Guerin, "Were getting 2 to 3 loads a day coming out of cave city we could be getting six to nine or more coming out of here. "

That is per truck load. But Judge Alex Latham says it's quality that makes the determination.

"Common sense tells you Keith, that we'd rather buy gravel here if its of quality and will do the same job."

Geurin admits that his own pit does not meet the standards for roads however Lee Stuart's could be used and was used on roads before.

"This gravel, it'll roll underneath your car tire just fine. Back in the 80's they didn't even have a screening plant and they just took this gravel and hauled it and put it on the road. "

Judge Latham says what gravel they use depends on the need.

It'll work in some applications and some applications it won't. We've got sandy soil in this county we've got gumbo, we got clay. It depends on where you putting this stuff.

At some point a compromise must be made with the price of fuel and the cost and profit for gravel.

But ultimately it comes down to the care of the roads and the county residents who use them.

Judge Latham says that Stuart has been asked to come up with a contract for the county for the purchase of gravel from his pit.