The First Day Of School Traffic

JONESBORO (KAIT) As always the first day of school can be hectic in more ways than one. Traffic is always heavy on the first day of school. And no where is this more evident than at Valley View.

The first day of school can be a little confusing.

Craig Seager, 6th Grader, "The only problem is I'm gonna have trouble finding my teachers since everything has been moved. But other than that it should go good."

Craig Seager got to school early to work out his problem. But as is the case every year at Valley View growth brings change.

Dr. Radius Baker, "In the drop- off changes we're allowing to drop their kids off in the Junior High and Intermediate in front of the building where the buses were dropping off. Last year now the buses are circling the Junior High circle to drop those kids off."

Starting around seven the traffic flowed quite heavily as parents swooped in, dropped off and crept away. Nobody drove real fast but it seemed to go quite smoothly.

SRO John Shipman, JPD, "I think for the first day of school I don't know but what it wasn't one of our best days. It was really smooth this morning I was proud of our parents."

A bold compliment considering the amount of traffic at the schools. Something you have to see to believe. And it can be quite daunting the first day.

Dr. Baker, "People that have never been here before they don't know exactly . You can tell them but until they see exactly how the traffic flows you don't really know what's going on."

But there are always folks out on the streets giving guidance and in time the newness will wear off.

Shipman, "Well for the next couple weeks kinda expect it to go just about like it did today. Hopefully over the course of the time the traffic will lighten up a little bit and it'll go smoother."

Just remember when you are waiting to turn in or drop off or pick up. It's the first day of school, for everybody.  And of course driving near any school pay extra attention to crosswalks, children walking to or from school and those big yellow buses.