Correlation Between Animal and Domestic Abuse?


Every year hundreds of animals are abused right here in Northeast Arkansas, but research shows there could be a direct correlation between animal abuse and domestic abuse.

"Abuse almost always escalates.  You don't just start with one abuse, and just quit," said Wannda Turner of Northeast Arkansans For Animals.

Monday night Northeast Arkansans for Animals along with the Women's Crisis Center came together to get their message out.

"Saving animals from animal abuse is not going to just help that one animal, but it is also going to down the line, save a child, save a marriage, save a school or stop a serial killer.  Each of these is a step towards the end," said Turner.

In abuse of any kind, it is said that the abuser is ultimately wanting to gain some kind of control.

"When he feels like he is losing that is when he will become the most volatile, and that's when you hear of your incidents of stalking.  That's usually when victims or animals tend to get killed," said Vicki Crego.

She heads up the Women's Crisis Center of Northeast Arkansas, and says it's common for victims to often want a way out, but they won't do so for fear of what could happen to their animals.

"Pets are often times something abusers will use to threaten a victim, and to coarse her to stay in an abusive relationship.  So, it makes it very difficult for them to make that choice to leave," said Crego.

And Wannda Turner of Northeast Arkansans For Animals says it's important for us to all realize that abuse is abuse, and where there is some there's likely more not being seen.

"Where one abuse occurs, whether it's animal, or it's child, or it's spousal abuse, there is almost always another type of abuse inside that same home," said Turner.

Turner will go before Jonesboro's Public Safety Committee on Tuesday night to address her proposed "no-chain" ordinance, which has been a controversial issue with petowner over the last year.

Region 8 News will be there, and will bring you the latest.

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