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Police: No Link Between Gwatney and Shooter's Note

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Little Rock police say the phone number listed on a note found at the home of a man who shot and killed Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney did not match the state party headquarters or any car dealerships owned by Gwatney.

Lieutenant Terry Hastings says a subpoena has been issued to determine who owns the number found last week on a Post-It note in Timothy Dale Johnson's Searcy home. The note listed the number and the name "Gwatney."

Johnson, who burst into Gwatney's office at state party headquarters and shot him dead, was shot and killed by police following a 30-mile chase into Grant County.

Gwatney owned three General Motors car dealerships and was a state senator for 10 years before becoming the state's Democratic chairman last year.

Hastings says police believe the number is probably from a cell phone, but have so far found no connection between the number and Gwatney. Hastings says police will not release the number, but said it is an Arkansas phone number.

The note is one of the few clues left that police hope will help them find a reason why Johnson drove to Little Rock to shoot and kill Gwatney, Hastings says they also can't find any vehicles Johnson had at the time of his death that matched two sets of keys bearing Gwatney's dealership logo.

Police will also send a computer found at Johnson's home to a forensic lab and are working with the FBI to determine if there is anything on there that may indicate why he targeted Gwatney.

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