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Jonesboro, Keith Boles Reports

Busy Evening For Jonesboro City Council

JONESBORO (KAIT) In most towns the offer of 160 acres to be annexed into a city would be welcome news. But some Jonesboro city officials say the city really doesn't need it.

 One of the issues facing the Jonesboro City Council Tuesday night was making the city a little bit larger. An issue that some council members don't support.

The acreage is off Southwest Drive just outside the city limits.

It contains the airstrip owned by Paulette Quinn who plans to relocate.

 Mayor Doug Formon says really the city probably doesn't need this 160 acres. In fact he says if they get it they may not even be able to cover it with existing city services.

 Formon, "It starts stretching out our police department our fire department sanitation, everyone when we start bringing in more annexed land I just don't think right now we're ready for that. "

The town grew by 40 square miles in 1990 and because of that many changes are still being made.

 Formon, "We're now having to go through a multi million dollar fire department expansion, new fire stations because of all that land we have annexed."

 Other issues that were on the agenda included several measures for drainge improvement along Wilkins near Indian mall.

  Another rezoning issue on East Washington for property owned by st. Bernards that already has construction started.

Other resolutions include the purchase of property on South Floyd for drainage improvements.

 And the FAA is interested in renting part of the flight service station at the airport that they turned over to the city a while back.

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