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Cross Country Bike Trip Fulfills a Dream

POCAHONTAS (KAIT) All of us at one time or another have some kind of adventurous dream to sail around the world or climb mount Everest.

A Region 8 man is fulfilling his dream on two wheels.

"It's definitely raining, a good day to start a fall vacation."

 So says Boady Pittman. You have to admire a man that wants to start a thousand mile plus bike ride in the rain.

 Pittman, "I've always wanted to travel on a bike, I've done it every other way so this is just an opportunity and I'm really looking forward to it."

 We met Boady and his wife Betty in Pocahontas. He had already ridden there from their home at Ravenden. Just the first stop on a long journey.

 Pittman, "I'm gonna take 412 over to 20. Then I'll run 20 over to 129 to 55 over to 70 then 70 plum over to Cherokee, North Carolina."

  Pittman hopes to travel at a pretty good clip. "Eighty to a hundred, maybe a bit more, when I get out in the Smokies I may slow up a bit>

That's miles per day.

 Pittman is a horse trainer and somebody has to stay behind to tend the herd. That someone is his wife Betty, she trained with Boady but somebody has to mind the horses.

 Betty Pittman, "Well we started riding about 2 months ago and we both started enjoying it a lot. And then he told me about his dream and I thought well if you can do that that's great. We planned to go together but it's just not feasible for me to go."

I could tell he was itching to go so I joined in on a quick prayer for the trip and he was on his way.

We took a few moments to grab breakfast figuring we could catch up real easy. Welllll, there in was a problem.

 Coming out of Pocahontas on 304 we figured we would catch him quite easily. Turning east on 90 still no sign, okay, he's fast but.

All the way to Knobel?

 Backtracking we finally caught up with him rolling along the highway, the first few miles already under his belt. Perhaps thinking about the time away from home.

 Pittman, " Three weeks to a month, you know when I get out in the Smokies I'm gonna stop and smell the roses like you said and kind of enjoy the Smoky mountains. And the Appalachians when I get out there."

 And yes it will be a round trip by bike, but Boady says one of the best parts of the trip will be the people he meets.

 "It will all be worth it if I make one more good friend along the way."

I am sure you'll make more than one.



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