Offbeat: Aerial Archery

August 21, 2008--Posted at 8:45 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO--In the world of bows and arrows there's traditional archery and then there's the not so traditional aerial archery.   "You throw the targets in the air and try to shoot them in flight," said Randy Huddleston.

Aerial archery is a little bit like a skeet shoot with a shotgun, only you use a recurve bow and what are called flu-flu arrows.

"Flu-flu arrows have longer feathers to slow them down so you don't lose them," said Huddleston. "If you used regular arrows then you'd be hunting arrows all day."

Dan Becker saw aerial archery on televison and the internet and knew he had to bring it to Jonesboro. Becker takes his aerial archery set up, including the thrower, the bows and flu flu arrows, to bow competitions.  For each and every dollar you spend, you get three shots at sticking the target.

" Some people will look at it and some will be intimidated by it, and then they'll try it and they'll get hootked on it," said Becker. "I've had people come and just shoot all day. They'll quit for a while, then come back and start hitting and when they hit, they want to shoot more."

Brian Priddy is one of those first timers that just can't get enough.

"It's very addicting," said Priddy. "You can't just shoot one or two times, it's till you get tired.  It's one of them deals that you see it, you try it and you're standing there for two hours shooting."

Huddleston added, "It's a challenge, but it's a lot of fun. It take some practice, but you just have a blast doing it. And that's what it's all about anyways, is just having fun."

For more information on aerial archery and how to get Dan to come to your next event just call Dan becker at 870-761-0641.