Spinning Wing Duck Decoys - Back in Arkansas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) UPDATED- "This year when I go to public land, I'm going to take one with me," said Casey Flemon.

He has been hunting ducks for nearly 11 years and says the release of the ban on robo-ducks is one he's happy about.

"In the fields I probably won't use one very much, but in the flooded timber I definitely will," said Flemon.

He says in those areas the decoys look more realistic, and will fool even the smarter adult ducks.

A robo-duck is battery operated and has wings that spin in a circular motion.

"When the ducks fly over, they see this flashing, and it represents to them other ducks that are down there," said Dennis Noell.

Noell owns D-N-W Outdoors and says the lifting of the ban is one that will likely bring revenue back into the state.

"I remember the first years that the robo-duck was outlawed in Arkansas. I had several guys that told me they had cancellations because hunters went to other states that did offer them, because they felt like that was an advantage," said Noell.

Arkansas originally banned the motorized decoys with conservation in mind, but after hunters spoke out and no other states joined in on the initiative, the ban was finally dropped.

"If we are the only ones doing it, then we are not creating anything that is going to be good for the whole country. If it's going to be done, I feel like it needs to be done by the whole United States, and everyone in the flyways," said Noell.

And for hunters like Flemon, having them back is one shot up on the competition.

"If you have one and they don't, then you kill a lot more ducks," said Flemon.

Now many hunters will agree that the spinning-duck decoys have been out long enough on a national level that they can still hurt or help your kill.

However, it's hoped that with the absence of them in the last few years, they will be more effective this season.

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is bringing back spinning wing decoys for duck season, among other changes.

The biggest change is the approval of spinning wing decoys to be used in Arkansas. Use of such decoys was banned in 2004 in Arkansas in hopes of other states following suit and banning the practice as well. That never happened. Now, Arkansas will join the rest of the Mississippi Flyway.

The season dates are now as follows:

  • 11/22 - 12/1
  • 12/6 - 12/24
  • 12/26 - 1/25
  • Youth Waterfowl: 1/31 & 2/1

Another change involves the wildlife management areas, or WMAs.  Hunting will take place until noon and sportsmen must be off of Game and Fish WMA's by 1 p.m.

Arkansas's six bird bag limit will allow up to four mallards but this year, two may be hens; three wood ducks will be allowed. There is no season on canvasbacks.