100 New Jobs for Batesville

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) -- For the second time in two weeks, an announcement of new jobs coming to Batesville.  Bad Boy Mowers is expanding its business and will hire 100 new employees.

Back in August Bad Boy Mowers purchased the old GDX building.  GDX announced their plans to close last year, since they closed the building has sat empty.

"You don't want to see jobs gone because you know what it does to the community.  We needed the room to grow so, bingo, there we are," said Bad Boy Mowers co-owner and CEO Phil Pulley.

The company started in a garage in Diaz, Arkansas in 1998 and since then they've grown by leaps and bounds.

"If you look out here this has all been built since 2002 and so we've run out of room consistently, so now we have a building we can grow into without having to build one," said Pulley.

This $2.5 million dollar project is possible with some help from the state.

"We've been working with the governor's office on a grant so we can bring more jobs into the county," said Pulley.

Governor Mike Beebe said helping provide jobs is one of the most important things that the state can do with your tax dollars.

"We provided some incentive dollars for infrastructure and those things that are sometimes necessary to be able to either retrofit an existing facility," said Beebe.

The new building will be used as a distribution hub for Bad Boy orders taken through Tractor Supply Company, which is one of their major clients.

The governor said when new jobs come to Arkansas it's not only healthy for the economy and the region, but it's good for the state as a whole.

The facility will open in January, 2009.