Free Laptops For Lyon College Freshman

BATESVILLE (KAIT) The Lyon College class of 2012 begins classes Monday in Batesville.

This freshmen class will be armed with new tools for school.

Pens and paper are still important but the Lyon College class of 2012 agree you can't study at college nowadays without a computer.

Emily Bass, Freshman, "It's too much of a hassle to go to a computer lab and do all your work when you can stay in your dorm and do all your homework there."

Charles Neal, Dir. Info. Svcs. Lyon College, "There's too much information on the Internet. Textbooks are being distributed with cd's and DVD's to supplement or replace printed material with the www open people just go out there and look for everything."

With all that in mind over 130 Lyon College freshmen and transfer students came to Nucor Auditorium Friday morning to receive free laptops.

Today's event was the result of a lengthy study and a decision to enhance the "Lyon Experience".

Neal, "The board of trustees decided to offer lap tops to freshmen as a way of leveling the playing field and offering a new experience to the freshmen."

As I visited with the students I was somewhat surprised at how many did not have computers.

But they obviously know the benefits.

Ryan, "Computers now, they're crazy. Ridiculously fast, I've got a word processor I have the Internet, access to unlimited amounts of information. I have everything I need right there. "

These students will keep these computers until their junior year.

Neal, "They will turn it in and get a refreshed new machine and they will keep it through their remaining 2 years and they will be able to take the second machine with them at graduation. "

Representatives from the Lenova corporation were on hand to tell the students about the computer and special student- friendly features as well as special classes for the computers they will offer the freshmen.

When I went to college nobody would ever even dream of being able to take a computer to class, but times have changed.

Emily, "We're allowed to but I don't know if everybody will or not. I'm sure there will be quite a few."

Ryan, "Most of my classes the papers and tests are on line. So there you go."

College officials say they are very hopeful that this program will continue into the coming years.

So there they go, arms full of new computers and heads full of anticipation of the future.