Back to School in a Big Way for Melbourne

MELBOURNE, AR (KAIT) - The start of school for students at one Izard County school is very different this year. That's because high school students from Melbourne and Mount Pleasant moved into a multi-million dollar school!

Abbi Miller, a junior, thinks its amazing that a town of Melbourne's size has a school worth $13 million.

Students at the new Melbourne High School campus were just finishing up their first week when we were there.  "It's very different from our old school. It's so much nicer all the new technolgy and stuff that we get to try out," adds Miller.

"There's virtual reality classes where kids can take classes over the computer now. There's a lot more variety of classes you can sign up for," says senior Landon Downing.

The resources offered by this school are things these kids have never had access to before. We're told by Principal Kelly Powell that computers will play a large role in the school. There will also be a robotics class offered through a partnership with Pulaski Technical College.

For students who are from two small campuses, having these opportunities is a huge step forward.

Teacher Cindy Qualls says the first week is a learning process, "You've got a group of people, including teachers and kids, who have come together and it's all new to all of us. There's no such thing as an old Melbourne student or an old Mount Pleasant student, we are all new students."

But it's not just the classes and education that will be better. There are also a lot of other opportunities that teachers like Cindy plan to use to engage the kids, so everyone is always involved.

That's welcome news to students like Abbi Miller, who says her little brother will get to play football. "It's really neat to get to watch him play a new sport."

But there could be a slight snag. Spring rain caused the football field not to be ready in time so chances are they won't play on it this year. If that's the case, they would play all of their games away.

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