Blazer the Drug Dog Sniffs His Way into Region 8

Blazer the Drug Dog!
Blazer the Drug Dog!

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Ten year K-9 veteran John Shipman has a new partner for his duties as Valley View School Resource Officer.  Blazer, the two year old Yellow Lab, was donated to the school by the Jonesboro Police Department and is the only four-legged, drug sniffing SRO in the area.

Officer Shipman and Superintendent Radius Baker feel that Blazer is an asset to the SRO program and the school.  Labs are known for being gentle and great with kids. This makes Blazer the perfect choice for sniffing out drugs in a school environment.

It's not all work and no play for Blazer though, he gets plenty of recess.  Officer Shipman says that he is expected to play with the children and they just love him.

Blazer isn't limited just to Valley View.   Dr. Baker says that if any other schools in the county ever need a dog, Blazer and Officer Shipman will be readily available.  Both Officer Shipman and Dr. Baker stress that the presents of Blazer doesn't mean that there's a drug problem in the school.  What it does mean is that they are trying to prevent a future drug problem.