Arkansas Democrats to Honor Gwatney at DNC

DENVER, CO - Gwatzilla has invaded Denver.

In a quirky tribute to slain Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, members of Arkansas' delegation to the Democratic National Convention are wearing a button featuring "Gwatzilla," in honor of the large, inflatable dragon that Gwatney displayed at his car dealerships.

Party leaders decided that the button would be a fitting way to honor Gwatney, who was shot dead at the state party headquarters August 13.  The gunman, Timothy Dale Johnson, was shot and killed by police after leading them on a 30-mile car chase.

The button shows a red, white and blue Godzilla-esque figukre standing in front of an outline of the state, with the name "Gwatzilla" in yellow letters.

Gwatney was dubbed by some in the Legislature as "Gwatzilla" because of the inflatable dinosaur at his dealership.  To play along with the nickname, he kept a toy Godzilla on his desk at the state Senate.

The button is being distributed to nearly 200 delegates, alternates and guests the state has sent to the convention, which begins today in Denver.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)