Trumann Deals With Car Dealing , From Yards

TRUMANN (KAIT) In an effort to cut down on residents making their front lawns look like used car lots, the city of Trumann has passed a new ordinance.

Having a yard full of cars for sale doesn't add anything to most residential neighborhoods.

Gary Anderson, Code Enforcement "People call us and complaining that people selling numbers of cars at their residence where it's not a business and it looks tacky to their neighborhood.

Until recently Trumann had no ordinance directed at this issue.

Anderson, "With the opinion of the people of the city. We had an ordinance passed so we can regulate people selling vehicles in a residential area."

According to the ordinance you can only sell 2 cars per year. The car must be running, mechanically sound and can only be displayed for sixty days.

Under the new city ordinance you must go to the city hall in Trumann and you must apply for this vehicle permit and it must be displayed in your vehicle that you are selling.

Anderson, "There is no cost to them just so we can keep track of the sales of the vehicles."

We followed Gary around as he drove through Trumann and we came upon this pickup for sale without the proper paperwork.

The owner was apparently unaware of the new ordinance and some questions came up as to where the truck was parked which involved the police briefly in the discussion.

Nearby W.H. Smith was selling his van. And wanted to make sure he was doing it the right way.

"I saw it in the paper and I went down the next day and applied for it. And got it cause I didn't want them knocking on my door.  It's a good idea, get's rid of a lot of junky cars 4 or 5 in your yard.

Aside from getting rid of cars the ordinance improves the appearance of the yards.

Anderson, "Keep the yard mowed and the grass mowed around it and underneath it."

And it seems like the ordinance is working.

Anderson, "We have people came in who got permits and so far nobody is unhappy about it.

The fine for exceeding the 2 car per year limit is one hundred dollars and a hundred for each day the car is advertised for sale or remains in a location suggesting sale or trade.