Girls Hitting The Gridiron

JONESBORO, AR  -- (KAIT) For anyone who thinks playing football is just a guy's sport, talk to Mo Patton or Jessica Hodgkiss and you might change your tune.

"Coach Sherman talked to my mom into letting me play this year, so I got to play again," said Mo Patton.

"My dad told them to treat me like they would the guys and they have been doing that. It don't bother me one bit," said Jessica Patton.

In a sport dominated by men, these two girls have their own place on their high school football teams....and it's not on the sidelines. "...offensive lineman, right guard, and defensive left tackle," said Hodgkiss.

"They needed a kicker, so I thought I may be able to kick for them," said Patton.

#3 Mo Patton is a proud Valley View Blazer.

This two sport star says she's treated just like the rest of the guys....well maybe she has a few perks. "Well I don't hit like they do....and more water breaks," said Patton.

Valley View Football Coach Ron Teat also coaches Mo on the soccer field. He says the coaches don't see Mo as a "girl on the team", coach says to them she's just another player.

Jessica Hodgkiss is a Westside Warrior. #52 can take the hits just as hard as she can give them.

"Girls can do just as much as guys," said Hodgkiss.

Jessica, like Mo, says the days of football being an all male sport are over. Jessica says there's plenty of room on the field for females. This will be Jessica's first year to play football.

Mo played last year on Valley View's Junior High Team. There is also a young lady playing on Valley View's Junior High team this year.