PemCo SD Affiliates with 'A Child Is Missing'

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - The Pemiscot County Sheriff's Dept. is now affiliated with an organization called a "A Child is Missing."  According to Sheriff Tommy Greenwell, the organization was founded in 1997 with the intent of aiding law enforcement in efforts to find missing children during the crucial hours "once it is learned" that a child is unaccounted for.

"A Child is Missing" is called upon when law enforcement begins an investigation into a missing child report.  Once all pertinent information is obtained, it is then forwarded to the "A Child is Missing" call center, and from there a recording is made based on that information.  That recording is then distributed via a satellite mapping program to make phone calls to the area where the child was last seen.  At least 100 phone calls are made in 60 seconds and these calls continue until the child is found or law enforcement can no longer follow-up on investigative leads.

The Pemiscot County Sheriff's Dept. is only the second law enforcement agency in Missouri to participate in the program.