Cops On A Train

JONESBORO (KAIT) Tuesday night's fatal accident involving a vehicle and a freight train at Corning is a tragic reminder of an on-going problem...the dangers of rail crossings.

Operation Lifesaver provides an opportunity for local law enforcement to watch crossings for violators from the perspective of a train crew.

Nearly every day people are killed or injured trying to beat a train through a crossing.

We watched a driver  in Jonesboro at Fischer street, one train had already gone through and two locomotives with the police on board were coming next. She was sure she could beat it. She beat the train but won't beat the ticket.

The Cops On A Train program puts the police on board to catch crossing violators.

Members of the Jonesboro Police Department and the Craighead County Sheriff and the Union Pacific Police staked out crossings in Jonesboro and the county.

Even though accidents continue to happen, over all numbers are down by about 30 % according to Union Pacific.

These same statistics say Arkansas rates number 14 for highway-rail grade crossing collisions and 9 for crossing fatalities.

And in spite of patrols, crossing equipment they still do occur.

Many people are killed at crossings that have more than one track, be aware that just because one train has passed there could be one coming from the opposite direction.

Is it really worth the risk for a few seconds?

is it really worth a large fine?

is it a tough question?