Local Supplies Needed for Evacuees; Red Cross Opening Shelters in Region 8

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- The Salvation Army and the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas are working together to provide meals to those who are taking sanctuary in Jonesboro.  There are several items that they do need to make this possible.    Those items include:

Bottled Water
Sports Drinks
Breakfast Bars
Energy Bars
Shelf stable meals
Canned goods such as meats, vegetables, and fruits
Tomato sauce
Beef broth
Chicken broth

For more information on how you can help call the food bank at 870-932-3663.  Any of the items can be dropped off at the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas at 3406 South Culberhouse in Jonesboro.

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As Hurricane Gustav approaches the gulf states, Region 8 is preparing for evacuees from coastal areas in advance.

The Northeast Arkansas Chapter American Red Cross is opening two disaster shelters for evacuees in advance of Gustav's arrival.

Shelter one is in the Allen Park Community Center at 3906 Race Street in Jonesboro. This shelter is currently housing 13 people but at least another 30 are expected to eat dinner at the shelter this evening, with some spending the night there.

The second shelter is in the Osceola Community Center on Country Club Road next to Osceola High School. It's just off Interstate Highway 55. As of this writing, this shelter is empty but expects to house some as more evacuees travel into Northeast Arkansas.

According to Pam Knapp-Carver, the Red Cross Chapter Executive Director, more shelters could be opened depending on the need.

Those interested in more information on the shelters, including help finding the locations, can call the chapter office in Blytheville at (870) 763-4481, or the satellite office in Jonesboro at (870) 932-3212.

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