King-Sized Catfish As Big as a Child Caught by Blytheville Man

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Courtesy See It Snap It Send It

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Larry Ashley was spending Labor Day at the Barfield Landing on the Mississippi fishing when a big surprise decided to bite the bait.

A massive blue catfish that dwarfs the average fish bit and the fight began. "It was like pulling in a barge really," says Larry. "The pole tipped to the water!"

As big as this thing was, it wasn't even Larry's biggest! Larry's son picked up an 85 pound blue catfish himself in the same place.

Larry admits that he wasn't able to pull this one in on his own. He had to have his son's help to pull this one in, which probably wasn't a bad idea, considering Larry could fit his head inside of the fish's mouth. Not that he tried.

Larry says he uses at least a 50 pound test line, a 9 alt Eagle Claw hook and never get further away than 2 feet from your pole, unless it is very secure. He says fish like these will pull the pole into the river so fast, that you have to react like lightening to keep it. "They won't see their pole no more," adds Larry.

And Larry won't let this fish go to waste either. He expects around 35 pounds of "good eatin" to come from this beast. "Catfish are real good. I love them," says Larry. He guesses the big fish weighed around 60 pounds.

We did the research and the world record is a 124 pound blue catfish, also caught from the Mississippi River.

Maybe it's something in the water!

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