Gustav Evacuees Moving From Motels to Shelters

JONESBORO (KAIT) The longer Gustav evacuees stay in Region 8 the more they must stretch their dollars.  FEMA is not reimbursing self-evacuees for gas or motels. This shortfall is causing many to check out of motels and check into Red Cross Shelters.

There are currently 2 shelters open in Jonesboro, one at Allen Park and the other is the First Presbyterian Church on Southwest Drive.

Although no exact count on refugees is available since Tuesday many have checked into the shelters as many as 50 or more an hour.

Elvirus Anderson and her family  evacuated from New Orleans after the Governor told them to leave.

"Everybody came on TV and said everybody had to evacuate out of New Orleans. I guess they didn't want the same kind of disaster they had during Katrina."

Now the lingering after affects of the storm are causing many to have to stay longer than they expected. And this is causing financial difficulties for many with no hope of reimbursement at present.

Anderson. "I didn't know that cause I came with limited funds and I can't afford to stay at the hotel. So we got to come over to stay at the shelter. I don't even have gas money to get back and I'm in a rental car."

Anderson has asked the Red Cross for help but will have to wait and see what happens.