After Hurricane, Dogs and Cats Finding Refuge In Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Dogs and cats are among the most vulnerable of hurricane victims.

"The weather stresses them, we stress them, their whole lives get turned upside down before,  during, and after major disasters. For them, their whole world changes in a very short period of time," said NAFA Director, Wannda Turner.

There are several dogs and cats from shelters in hurricane hit states that Northeast Arkansans' For Animals will take in. "Truffles" was transferred here from a shelter in Mississippi to make room for others sure to be found during clean up.  After living through Hurricane Katrina, "Biscuit" was surrendered by New Orleans evacuees fleeing Gustav.

"We have a foster family that's going to take "Biscuit" home for a little while and let him de-stress. Once he's finished de-stressing, he'll go up for adoption, and he'll find a place to spend the rest of his time," said Turner.

Wannda Turner, with Northeast Arkansans' For Animals, said overcrowding of animal shelters would likely happen in disaster areas.  She and other volunteers are helping ease the burden on Mississippi and Louisiana animal shelters.

"During this week, we'll be getting four other transports of small amounts of dogs coming from shelters to eliminate some of the shelters overcrowding," said Turner.

NAFA  is also donating pet carriers so people will have a way to transport their animals....helping to give people the opportunity to have a little comfort during a storm.

If you have an animal that seems a little stressed here are few tips to help calm them down:

Make sure the animal has a routine

Make sure the animal has something with the owner's scent nearby

Don't change their food or treats

Make sure they have a secure carrier, so they don't get spooked or scared and try to run away.