The Salvation Army Needs A Little Help

JONESBORO (KAIT) In times of crisis you can always count on the Salvation Army having a presence.

Helping to feed Gustav evacuaees requires a good deal of extra food and now supplies are running low.

As Gustav evacuees arrive at shelter doors the Salvation Army pitches in to provide  the food, three meals a day at the Race street location at Allen Park.

Feeding a fluxuating number of people can put a strain on a pantry already running thin,

Major Stephanie Greenham, "Not knowing how many really to expect from one meal to the next because some of the hotels were starting to empty out and the numbers would get bigger and that's been the greatest challenge is just trying to feed everybody."

Wednesday I watched them prepare the noon meal of hotdogs and chili delivered and served by volunteers.

Volunteers and leaders who open their arms to welcome strangers as friends.

Dawn Lawrence, New Orleans Resident "It makes me feel comfortable, it makes me feel appreciative to my american sisters and brothers sharing that american spirit with open arms and we are definately appreciative of that. So that makes me feel good."

When the evacuees finally are able to go home the mission to feed locally will still carry on.

Now although the shelves look pretty well stocked right now. Stephanie tells me that this is a limited supply.

Greenham, "In this food pantry we provide meals every day . And yesterday this pantry was almost completely bare. Just from the local need as well as to provide in a hurry the assistance for the hurricane meals."

And help is coming in.

Greenham, "When the word goes out that theres a need. People respond and churches and individuals have been calling to see what they can do. "

Food is necessary for life but sometimes the heart needs a little more. And for those needs the people of the Salvation Army always stand ready.

Greenham, "When they're devastated and be able to hug somebodies neck and pray with them or to help them through a hard time it's the part of being an officer that I enjoy most. "

If you would like to make a donation you can go by the Salvation Army building at 800 Cate street in Jonesboro.