EF0 Tornado Touches Down in Izard County

GUION, AR (KAIT) -- Two days after the storm made landfall in Louisiana, the effects of Gustav are still being felt.

Officials with the National Weather Service were on site Wednesday looking at the minor damage from Tuesday night.

"I couldn't move.  It was just one of those things you just sit there and watch in amazement," said Erica Biard.

"I saw the trees really moving and then all of a sudden there was this great big noise," said Starling Burke.

The 65 to 85 mile per hour winds that come along with this EF0 tornado lifted the awning off of Starling Burke's home.  It's this type of damage that John Robinson of the National Weather Service is looking for when surveying after a storm.

"The witnesses we've talked to had very good descriptions of it.  We've seen some debris and some say they saw rotation," said John Robinson.

Robinson said that August is usually the slowest month for tornados in Arkansas, but when the remnants of tropical storms like Gustav move into the area, the likelihood of these type of weather conditions goes up.

"When the tropical system moves on shore, like we saw in Louisiana and Mississippi, there are quite a few tornadoes right off the bat.  That's usually a good indicator that the system will probably produce some more tornadoes before it's through," said Robinson.