Update: Baby's Condition Improves Following Freak Tree-Accident

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The 16-month-old baby that was seriously hurt in last week's tree collapse freak accident is doing better.

Baby Aiden Sullivan was in the back seat of his mother's car Tuesday, September 2nd when a large oak fell on the car, crushing it on top of the mother and baby.

The mother escaped with minor injuries but baby Aiden had a more difficult ordeal.

Family members say the child's skull was fractured in two places and he had to be put in a neck brace, but the family adds that he has been taken off of life support and is doing fine.

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - No one could see it coming. It's something even eyes that have seen almost everything have trouble believing. You can imagine first responders had to pause for a second to believe what they were seeing.

An oak tree, easily 100 years old, comes crashing down at a busy intersection at the height of rush hour. The four vehicles that were trapped underneath were just sitting at the red light at Main and Cherry.

This car held the only people that were injured: a mother and her 16-month-old baby. At last check, the child was still at a local hospital.