Jonesboro City Council Still Examining Tornado Sirens Bids

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- How many tornado sirens does the city need, and how much will it cost? At Thursday's city council meeting, a suggestion was made to find a consultant to help advise the city on which company would offer the best services for the city before any final decisions are made.

Jonesboro city council members will continue to examine what the best plan for the city will be. Several companies have made bids for the project.  Bids range anywhere from around $479,000 to around $864,000.

As you may recall, several of the city's tornado sirens failed to work when severe weather hit in early February.

The bids are suggesting the city install anywhere from 34 to 37 sirens around the city.

Meanwhile at Thursday's city council meeting, representatives from Jonesboro's Urban Forestry Council and Parks and Rec, addressed the accident on Wednesday when a tree fell on Main Street in Jonesboro.Parks and Rec officials plan to design a presentation on how maintenance and the upkeep of trees could help in preventing incidents like that from happening in the future.

In addition, signs and ways to detect something that may cause a tree to fall.