ASU Red Wolves Ready for Game Day

JONESBORO, AR -- We are about 24 hours away from kickoff at ASU stadium for the Red Wolves Texas Southern football game.  Ever since the announcement last spring that the new mascot for Arkansas State University would be the Red Wolves, the anticipation for this weekend has been very high!

At last fall's season opener, a heavy downpour caused the grass parking lots to become fields of mud.  Now, with recent rains some fans are worried they may not be able to park in their normal spot.

Randy Knowles is the Assistant Athletic Director in charge of Game Management and he said as wet as it has been outside, they have to test the ground to make sure that people can park there without messing up the field.

"What we will do is take a truck out there and drive on it and see if it makes ruts or anything.  We're this early in the season and we would hate to ruin it and not be able to use it next week for the next game," said Knowles.

A test Friday afternoon proved that the field will be good to go for Saturday's football game.  Students will be allowed to park in the area behind the soccer complex.  Saturday is sure to be a big day for fans and the team as they celebrate their first home game as Red Wolves.

"I really feel like it's going to be an outstanding day.  Obviously we'll be making history as the first time the red wolves would take the field here," said ASU Athletic Director, Dr. Dean Lee.

"Come early, enjoy the tailgating and things like that and be ready for a good game," said Knowles.