Howl of a Sale! A 73% Discount Thanks to the Red Wolves Draws a Crowd

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - When Hoppe Hoffman said he would offer a discount at his store, The Design Shoppe, based on whatever the winning spread was in any A-State home game, he probably didn't expect the first home game to be 83-10 in favor of the Red Wolves.

If he thought otherwise, he thought wrong.

When Region 8 News arrived on the scene on Nettleton at the strip mall, the line was already a few stores down and the crowd grew as time went on. The folks showed up for a big discount they likely won't see again this year (if ever in the foreseeable future): 73% off!

And Hoffman was a man of his word, offering the discount for everything in the shop, even non-Red Wolves items!

With multiple news stations covering the event and hundreds filing in, Hoffman opened his doors at 9:30 a.m. to the hungry customers looking to grab up any good deal they could find.

Half an hour later, many racks were empty, many arms were full and many people were standing in line, waiting to pay.

But even with a good deal in hand, some unexpected bumps arose. As one customer swiped a debit card that had been reported as stolen, the credit card machine shut down, creating a delay for some of the customers. It quickly came back up, however, and store management happily worked with customers through the delay.

Finally, 2 hours later, the KAIT crew was able to get to the front of the line and pay. And as we walked out of the store, the original line had doubled in length, wrapping from wall to wall in The Design Shoppe. At it's present speed, some customers may be there all afternoon.

But at least they'll get a good deal.

Hoffman's store will run the promotion every Monday following a home game win from the Red Wolves, offering the spread as a discount of up to 75% off.

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