Manila Schools Asking For Millage Vote

MANILA (KAIT) With over a thousand students in the manilla school district classroom space can be a premium.

Now the district needs a couple of new buildings.

The Manilla Elementary School has two round classroom buildings that were built in the 60's.

The buildings are showing their age and need to be replaced and that's going to cost patrons in the district are being asked to approve a millage hike to pay for the project.

At first glance the round classroom buildings at Manila Elementary look kind of neat.

But a closer look reveals a few issues.

Superintendent Pam Castor "We're having issues with basically every major operating system. Some of our concerns include the heating systems the electrical systems, the plumbing system, the roofing system. Having adequate lighting on the interior."

Superintendent Castor showed me around the two buildings built in the 60's.

With the buildings being round there is a lot of unusable space and the pie shaped classrooms are to small.

Castor, "The full square footage is below the state standards now for elementary class rooms."

Another issue is storm safety due to the buildings construction.

Castor "These buildings would not be safe in terms of any substantial winds. Because the outside is masonite paneling."

And there is not much but insulation between the outside paneling and the inside paneling.

Plumbing is aging as well and Castor says she has been told there may be a leak under one of the buildings. With all that in mind there are few alternatives.

"We'd like to replace these two round buildings with a new building. That is the least expensive alternative."

Castor says a remodel would cost more than two new buildings. To pay for the new buildings a millage vote will be on the September 16th ballot . The increase being asked is 5.6 percent.

Castor says, "Roughly what we figure is that on a hundred thousand dollar assessment it's going to cost about a 112 dollars in additional tax money per year."

Manilla has not had a new school millage increase since the 70's .

If this does not pass the school could be forced into facilities distress. Which could lead to cancellation of sports and other activities until the buildings projects are paid.

If you live in the Manila School district and have questions there will be a public meeting this coming Thursday at 7 in the cafeteria.