Digital Mammography

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State-of-the-art digital technology gives doctors clear, enhanced images.

What is it? From the patient's point of view, a digital mammogram is much like traditional film screen mammography. Bith x-ray technology to generate images of the breast. However, instead of using film to capture and record the image, a digital mammogram produces an immediatge digital image which can be viewed, manipulated and enhanced enabling the radiologist to get the clearest view of the structures within the breast tissue. They can adjust brightness and contrast, and zoom in on specific areas to help detect small calcifications, masses, and other changes that may be signs of early cancer.

Why is it better? At St. Bernards, we're always looking for the latest technologies that will provide the earliest detection. Digital mammography has been shown to be especially effective in doing so in women under the age of 50 and those with particularly dense breasts. Studies have found the technology to be superior for overall image quality, skin and nipple depiction, pectoral muscle depiction and the detection of small calcifications. Benefits to the patent include shorter exam times and a decrease in the number of the lost films.

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