No Bills Out, No Money In Mississippi County

BLYTHEVILLE (KAIT) It's a problem that plagues many businesses.

The bills go out but the money doesn't come in.

That's the problem that's been affecting the Mississippi County jail.

Since Blytheville has no jail all it's inmates are taken to the jail outside Luxora.

Of course this costs money to take care of them.

The jail routinely handles about 15 to 20 inmates from Blytheville on a daily basis. The monthly costs routinely run into 5 figures.

This cost must be paid by Blytheville to the county for as long as the person is incarcerated. And it adds up fast.

The problem is that Blytheville hasn't been paying the jail. But on the other hand the jail has been lax in sending out bills in a timely fashion.

So taking time for the bills to be reviewed and we all know the government process is not the speediest. The debt to the county was adding up.

So at the sheriffs office since no money was coming in the bills stopped going out. But that problem has been fixed.

Sheriff Meadows told me a new billing plan has been put into place regarding of who gets the bills.

And the mayor says it will all be worked out.