Olympic Marathon Runner Jeff Galloway Training Program Set for October

Sept. 11, 2008 - Jonesboro, AR

Jeff Galloway to host Running School in Jonesboro October 17- 18.

It's sponsored by Gearhead Outfitters, The Trim Gym, and Dickson/Guinn Sports Medicine.

To Register go to www.jeffgalloway.com  click on running school.

Jeff's quest for the injury-free marathon training program led him to develop group training programs in 1978, and to author Runner's World articles which have been used by hundreds of thousands of runners of all abilities.

His training schedules have inspired the second wave of marathoners who follow the Galloway run-walk, low mileage, three-day, suggestions to an over 98% success rate.

Since he bagan running, he has competed in over 116 marathons.

"My first marathon was an accident. Arriving home from my freshman year at Christmas break, I enrolled in the first annual Atlanta Marathon because of the size of the trophy. I made a lot of mistakes in training and hit a big bad wall at 19 miles. Since there were only four others left in the race at that point, and I was leading, I struggled in to win-but it took two years before I could think of running another marathon. I currently run about 60 slow, endorphin-filled miles a week, and 3-4 marathons a year. I've not found any experience which bestows the high level of satisfaction, accomplishment and self-respect as one receives from finishing a marathon--at any speed."