A "Howlin" Good Song

JONESBORO (KAIT) As game day draws closer, the spirit of the red wolf peeks from it's den and turns an ear toward a new song on the radio.

A local veteranarian came up with the idea and Phil Jamison from "Kiss FM" took the ball and ran with it.

Jamison, "He suggested I do a parody song to the late Warren Zevon song, "Werewolves of London". And sat down in the production room and a couple days later and came out with "Red Wolves Are Howlin."

The parody hit the airwaves on KISS this week.

Jamison, "Been on the air for a couple of days and I know they are really excited about it at the ASU Athletic department."

Dean Lee, ASU Director of Athletics, "If you have people singing songs about you thats a good thing and one were excited about. Want to parlay that into a full stadium saturday night at the football game."

And with the songs response Jamison says the Red Wolf has it's paws in the door.

Jamison, "I'm just excited that people like the song and I think more it's an indication that people are embracing the new era of Red Wolves out at ASU."

It's really a howl of a good song.