Fair Is Stepping Up Security This Year

JONEBORO, AR (KAIT) - In video shot on a cell phone at last year's Northeast Arkansas District Fair you can see people running for the gates after three seperate fights broke out.  However, police reports and fair officials say last year's incidents never involved a gun.

"We want to emphasize to the general public that no matter what you hear, there were no shots, and there were no guns.  That situation simply didn't happen," said Fair Manager Jerry Reece.

He says they are stepping up their security this year, and regaining what the fair is all about.

"We want to restore ourselves to being a family affair for everyone, so they can come out and feel safe.  We want them to have a good time at the fair, " said Reece.

If fair security finds anyone being disruptive, it's their plan to "have them ejected," according to Reece, who also says they are doubling their security to keep you safe.

"Security will not be a problem here this year.  There will be police and folks allover the fairgrounds," said Reece.

One way they are keeping eye on activity going on inside the fair park is by using some of the technology that we use here in the television business.  Much like the cameras on our live trucks, they will have an eye in the sky scanning the grounds and looking for anyone disruptive.

All of these are ways of preventing a reoccurance of last year while allowing fair patrons to enjoy the fair for years to come.

"The police and our folks did an excellent job last year and making sure there were no accidents, but our number one goal this year is to make sure that situation doesn't arise again," said Reece.

The NEA District Fair rodeo starts tonight and the full fair begins on Monday.

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