Gas Prices Shoot Up; Residents Rush to the Pumps

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Almost everywhere in Region 8 drivers lined up on Friday, scrambling to fill their tanks up with gas after prices shot up overnight.

"I'm trying to get filled up before it goes up any more," said Robert Gunnels.

"It's just getting worse.  They're piling up over here.  It's been happening all morning," said Larry Haynes.

"It's a little surreal.  We've seen it on TV before in different places and I'm just trying to be patient like everybody else," said Kristi Bass.

For the most part, people are being patient.  Drivers waited anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to fill their tanks up with gas.  Several stations did run out of gas, only to have tanker trucks show up after a couple of hours to refill them.

"I didn't expect the hurricane to effect us as much as it did and so quickly.  Gas has jumped up very quickly," said Gunnels.

"It was $3.58 earlier and now it's something like $3.85, so over thirty cents in a short time," said Bass.

A lot of drivers said they were filling up their tanks because everyone else was.

"I guess if they're going to run out of gas then I better get it while I can before they run out," said Terry Williams.

Prices for fuel are different across town.  A local distributer tells Region 8 news that the prices they get from the refineries change several times a day.  For stations that have to buy gas more often, the price at their pumps will be higher.  Frustrated drivers say they're being fleeced and they want it to end.

"It'll go back down.  It's just a gouge," said Haynes.