1 Dead In Ikes Aftermath

FISHER (KAIT) Ike's remnants crossed Arkansas overnight, producing tropical storm force winds in parts of the state.

Trees and power lines were down across parts of Arkansas because of the storm.

The only known fatality in Region 8 from Ikes aftermath happened Sunday morning near the small town of fisher.

Looking as if he knew what was happening a dog sits and watches as his masters body is carried from his home.

A freak accident resulting from the high winds caused by the rements of hurricane Ike killed 29 year old Nathan Glass when a tree fell into his mobile home near Fisher.

Poinsett County Deputy Tom Graves took the call early Sunday morning.

Graves, "I was notified approximately 6 am, just shortly after that."

Upon arrival Graves called for more help. "I notified the county that we needed more personnel here. Then all kinds of people started showing up."

The irony of this whole incident was that Glass and another person who was at the trailer were getting ready to leave when the tree fell in.  They were both in the living room.

Graves, "He was already dressed and his friend (Glass ) was sitting in a chair and getting ready to get out of the trailer and that's when the tree fell and fell right on top of him."

It was a difficult task to get to glass' body.

Graves, "It took quite some time, the volunteer fire department and other personnel that were here took chainsaws and started cutting the tree up. They took a back hoe and lifted the tree off the person inside."

Poinsett County Deputy Coroner Dakota Davidson pronounced Glass dead at the scene. His body was taken to Langford funeral home in Jonesboro.