Close Call: Family Injured but Alive After Tree Falls In Bed

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - You might say the Saps were lucky. One month, a drunk driver crashes into their home. The next, a tree takes part of the bedroom literally off of the end of the house trailer, narrowly missing both William and Judy while they slept.

As they tell the story, both William and Judy were asleep when the alarm clock went off early Sunday morning. Judy rolled over to presumably turn it off or hit snooze, as we all do, when a huge tree weighing as much as a car fell through the trailer house and into the trailer next to the Saps.

The trailer next to the Saps was empty, thankfully. It was smashed like a giant aluminum can.

The Saps, meanwhile, were lucky to avoid serious injury. Judy did receive a minor contusion under the skin of her arm and a bump on the head, while William's head was also bumped, but had the tree landed on them full force...the results may have been much worse.

The couple tells Region 8 News that they may be looking at a more "solid" structure to live in. For now, they truly think divine intervention may have saved their lives not once, but twice.

Unfortunately, they did not have renter's insurance and will incur some losses.

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