Cleaning Up After Ike

JONESBORO (KAIT) There was very little rain but lots of wind as the remnants of hurricane ike passed through region 8 yesterday.

Strong winds left trees down, limbs broken and debris covered yards.

All of this has to go somewhere

Lillian Fowler has been cleaning up her yard for 2 days.

"I did most of this yesterday. This was out here yesterday. And the guy next door helped me pull the big limbs over there but it was something else."

Like many yards in Jonesboro Ms. Fowler has accumulated a large pile of limbs and branches and leaves. Now what?

Fowler, "I've seen a lot piled along the road that's why I started doing that. Cause I didn't know whether they would pick it up or I would have to hire someone to come and get it. I don't know."

Good news the city is coming.

Erick Woodruff, City of Jonesboro  Public Works Director, "We started pickup yesterday and it will continue until we have it all picked up."

There is a proper way to stack your debris for city pick up.

Woodruff, "Pile it curbside, not actually in the street. Like you would normally put your trash can. "

Another option for yard waste is to burn it. You can burn in town but there are several rules to follow. To find those out call the fire department at 932 2428. And do not burn at night. It could be reported as a house fire.

The landfill at strawfloor was busy today as piles of debris were brought in and disposed of.

Donny Gibson from the sanitation department was directing traffic and the debris disposal. The landfill had opened at seven and been steadily busy all day taking;

"Limbs leaves that's it. Small brush is what we're taking. Six inch diameter. Were taking more today because of the weather."

Gibson says limbs need to be cut up in three foot sections. And nothing in there but yard waste.

If you had a large tree fall and plan to cut it up for the city the claw trucks can handle a chunk anywhere from about 8 to about 12 foot long but to make it easier on the equipment and make it easier on you to handle. Go ahead and cut it up about 6 to 8 foot lengths.

Other cities in our area have specific clean up information and I will post these with this story.

With such a massive clean up being undertaken it won't happen quickly.

The city is dealing with the hardest hit areas first.

Woodruff, "We're mainly focused on the west side of Jonesboro. That seems to be where we got the most phone calls which originated starting yesterday morning at approximately 4:30."

Woodruff says it could take 7 to 10 days to get to your stack but they will get it. Woodruff also says don't believe the rumors.

"I recently got a couple of phone calls regarding people that are telling citizens that the city is not picking up the tree limbs at curbside. We are picking those up. "

If you intend to perform storm cleanup for profit just a reminder that you must have a privilege license from the city to provide those services.