Jonesboro City Council Gives Go Ahead For New Traffic Signal and Traffic Siren

"The estimated cost is $188,000 which was approved by council tonight," said Jonesboro Public Works Director, Erick Woodruff.

Heavy traffic is expected to flow with more ease.
Tuesday night, the Jonesboro City Council approved the installation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of Race Street and Fair Park Boulevard. It's an area in Jonesboro seeing more traffic and more business in the area. 
Woodruff says work on the signal is expected to begin at the end of this month and be completed by November's end.

On Tuesday, the council also accepted Safety Coms bid to replace the tornado sirens in the city of Jonesboro.

"We're excited about that because storm season is right on us, and of course, they'll be in the spring also," said Jonesboro Fire Chief Leonard Jadrich.

Earlier in the month, it was suggested that the council find a consultant to help advise the city on which company would offer the best services for the city.

City officials say they consulted with past and present county coordinators, among many others, before reaching their decision.

The sirens will cost around $479,000.

"I think the coverage is going to be great. It will alleviate some of the antiquated sirens that we have and just bring us up to date," said Jadrich.