Urban Deer Hunt Underway in Sharp County

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, AR -- An Urban Deer Hunt is underway in Cherokee Village.  An overpopulation of deer led to city leaders asking residents to vote on the issue of whether or not to have an urban hunt.  After that measure passed, the hunt was on.

The hunt started on Monday September 15th, and as of Thursday 39 deer had been killed by permitted hunters.  Officials say 164 permits for the hunt have been given out to hunters from all across the state.

Jonesboro resident Shannon Kee and a couple of other guys have been hunting since opening day and say this situation is a little different from any hunt they've done before.

"I thought it was a unique situation to be in.  You know, it's a kind of once in a lifetime kind of deal," said Kee.

"Some of the hunters even commented as they came in to check in deer on Monday that it just seemed bizarre to be hunting in someone's backyard," said Kelly Ford of the Cherokee Village Fire Department.

There are some regulations the Urban Deer Hunters have to follow.  They have to get permission from landowners to hunt on their property, they have to be at least ten feet off the ground in a tree stand, their first kill has to be a doe, and all hunters must use a bow and arrow.

"There's no limit.  As many as you want and none goes to your game record for the year," said Kee.

These hunters have until October 31st for the first round of the hunt and then the entire month of January for the Cherokee Village hunt.

There is another Urban Deer Hunt taking place in Heber Springs.  The Region 8 city of Horseshoe Bend is putting the issue on the ballot this November, asking citizens if they would support an Urban Deer Hunt in their city.