Ike Evacuee Plans To Call Region 8 Home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "My house is completely gone. You can't find it. There's nothing left. My whole neighborhood is pretty much destroyed," said Jennifer Smith.

With a box full of treasured pictures, Jennifer Smith left her Crystal Beach Texas home just two days before mighty hurricane Ike battered the Texas coast. Not wanting to leave anyone behind, 14 people loaded into two cars and escaped the violent storm. A storm that Jennifer says, took everything.

"I knew it was gone. I knew a lot of people had lost everything. A lot of people moved away, and were displaced and were going through the same situation I am,"said Smith.

"It was the size of the storm that really had me concerned for them," said Tim Flebbe.

Tim Flebbe is Jennifer's brother. Tim lives in Paragould and opened his home to his sisters and the kids.  He says while it's very close quarters, he wouldn't have it any other way.

"I don't believe we'll ever live on the coast again, but I want to go back to Texas.

For at least a year, Jennifer says she'll call Paragould home. She enrolled her son in school, and says she owes her kids some stability.

"I've lived there for nine years and I have been through this before and I had to get my kids out," said Smith.

Smith says there is nothing left of her home.

She says FEMA told her that her case was still pending, but they have to assess the damage before anything else can be done.