Commuter Alert: Intersection Closes For Railroad Repairs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - BNSF trains chug through East Jonesboro dozens of times each and every day serving the city's major industries, but over time, even the railroad tracks need some good ole fashioned repairs.

"They are replacing the rails, the ties, and the sub-base of the rail system there at that intersection."

Public Works Director Erick Woodruff is talking about the intersection at Highway 18 and Nettleton Avenue.

September 23rd and 24th Highway 18, better known as Highland Drive, will be closed while repairs are made.

"It affects not only the city of Jonesboro, but it affects industry, it affects ASU, and it affects other cities as well," said Woodruff.

For those who commute to Lake City or Blytheville, you could be affected the most as the crossing bars remain down.

"I think what they should probably take into account is how much time that they need to get to work, and is there an alternate route they could possibly use," suggested Woodruff.

The city says you can use Watt Street off Highway 18, which ties back into Nettleton just a couple of blocks from the intersection.

However, expect to add about 20 minutes to your normal drive time.

"You can also utilize Caraway, Stadium, Industrial, and Commerce Drive to connect to 63 that will provide an alternate route as well," said Woodruff.

No matter what your route, the city says they worked hard to keep the intersection closed for as short a time span as possible.

By Thursday both train and commuter traffic should be back to normal.

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