Bonding is actually a process by which we affix a tooth-colored material (hard plastic) to your teeth, creating a bond.

We can use bonding to:

  • change tooth color
  • shape and size
  • repair fractured teeth
  • repair spaces between teeth

We can also use bonding to give the appearance of straight teeth. However, we caution our patients to avoid hard foods, as this may cause the bonded restoration to chip or fracture. A bonded restoration can be polished to look the same as your natural teeth and may also stain in a similar manner as your own teeth. These stains are removed during our patient's regular cleaning appointments by polishing these restorations.

The Bonding Process
Bonding is a comfortable procedure that can provide dramatic results in just one appointment. We'll carefully prepare your teeth, roughen them with a mildly acidic solution, then place, sculpt and polish the bonding material. You'll then have a brand new smile!