Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion
With air abrasion, a fine, pressurized stream of microscopic abrasive powder is propelled at your tooth. The system can be compared to a minature sand blaster, removing small worn fillings, discoloration, stains and small amounts of decay as the power strikes your tooth.

The Advantages of Air Abrasion

  • No vibration, and little or no heat generatioin
  • Precise removal of the minimum amount of tooth structure
  • Often no need for anesthetic, so there's no numbness
  • A great option for restoring a child's tooth

Some Limitations
We can't use air abrasion to remove decay between teeth, or to prepare a tooth for a large filling, a crown or silver amalgam filling. However, air abrasion is a great option when the decay is shallow or small, and it often allows us to avoid anesthetic or "drill."