Re-Creating Lincoln's Flatboat Journey

Osceola (KAIT) A 20th century flatboat is re-creating a teen-aged Abe Lincoln's trip down the Mississippi River.

The flatboat named "Journey of Remembrance" is making an 8-state 23 stop trip to increase awareness of Lincoln's years in Indiana.

The 60 foot boat is owned by Ron Drake and built by John Cooper. In order to make the trip the boat was lengthened in order to provide a space for 2 outboard motors. The engines were added for safety and a support boat travels with the flatboat as an added safety measure.

The stop at Osceola was the trips 13th stop. Melissa Miller of the Indiana Visitors Bureau said this trip was much easier than Lincoln's 3 month winter trip.

Miller, " They would have faced river pirates along the way. They probably would have had a cannon on their boat. It would have been a much more dangerous trip than what they are doing today."

So far the most hazardous part of the journey has been the boats encounter with the remnants of Hurricane Ike. All hands had life jackets on and a good portion of the canvas on board was blown off but the boat weathered the storm out.

The journey is expected to  end in New Orleans on the 5th of October.