Offbeat Update: "Noser" Goes on the Road

September 23, 2008--Posted at 9:00 a.m.  CDT

ALTON, MO (KAIT) - After our Offbeat story back in May, Noser the two-nosed calf was seen around the world.  Now Noser can be seen touring the midwest with an oddities show.

Kenneth and Nan Hall of Alton discovered Noser, among their other calves, back in the Spring.  Kenneth didn't expect Noser to live more than a month or two, but the little calf just kept growing.

Noser has an extra snout coming off the left side of it's head and it appears to be a working nose.  Noser also has both male and female sex organs, but appears normal in every other aspect.

After Noser was featured on Offbeat with Bob, the story was picked up by television stations, tv networks, and websites around the world.  Kenneth and Nan were inundated with phone calls and inquiries about selling Noser.  Even Ripley's Believe It or Not representatives called, but Kenneth said he wouldn't do anything with the calf until after it was weaned.

On September 12th Noser was weaned and on the 14th, the Halls sold Noser to a couple from Texas that have a traveling oddity show, that also includes a 6 legged cow.  The Halls say Noser will travel with the show throughout the midwest and will spend the winters in Texas.