Is The ASU Campus Safe?

Arkansas State University (KAIT) A possible shooting of a window at Kays Hall on the ASU campus could be the third this year. But it raises a bigger question, Is the Campus safe for students.

Campus Police Chief Jim Chapman said University Police were called to Kays Hall around 9 PM on Monday evening in response to a window either being shot out or broken in some other manner.

Chapman says no evidence of a bullet or anything projectile based has been found but the investigation is continuing.

A few of the students thought it was a shot and that seemed to be the popular consensus of the students that lived in the building.

Now the issue has been raised as to whether or not the campus is safe. Police and campus officials say yes but some students do not echo their confidence.

Alexia Anderson, "My mom's worried crazy about me but I feel okay. But I think more security need to be made like more cameras and stuff."

Amy Jones, "I'm not gonna go outside at night. I'm gonna try and stay inside. Stay with a group of people."

Dr. Rick Stripling, Vice Chancellor  of Student Affairs says safety is emphasized for incoming freshmen and transfer students.