September's "Teacher Of The Month"

RECTOR (KAIT) We begin our search for the Region 8 Teacher Of The Year with our first candidate.Bonnie Manning, a 3rd grade teacher at Rector Elementary School.

Like many teachers, Bonnie Manning she's got a lifetime of experience, 45 years of teaching in fact. She has been teaching longer than most of her current students parents have been alive.

Even with decades of experience under her belt, Bonnie says every class is different.

"You have a new group so every group of children is different. Therefore they bring something new and creative into the room."

Her room reflects her past students from the animal art on the blackboard to the circus room theme.

Bonnie Manning, like most teachers is a motivator, her students and what they need are first on her mind every day.

"I always say a little prayer for my children that they will have a really good day and I know what to do to teach them what they need to know."