Wynne Man Speaks Out After Vandals Damage His Car

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) -- "The last place I went was to the grocery store at 8 o'clock and this is the second time this has happened this year," said John Streeter.

When John Streeter got out of his van on Tuesday night, he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but when he got up on Wednesday morning, things were certainly not how he left them.

"I walked outside and noticed that the side window of my van was busted out....the rear end of it looks like Bonnie and Clyde went to the bank," said Streeter.

John says he didn't hear anything like gunshots in the overnight hours, but when he walked outside he wasn't surprised because he says he's been a victim of vandals and thieves before.

"Things disappear, and we have things stolen from our shed in the back yard....garden items and things like that all of the time," said Streeter.

"We saturated it this summer, and cleaned up a bunch of problems and we haven't had a problem there since then," said Wynne Police Cheif, Mike Bachand.

Wynne Police Chief Mike Bashand does not consider west Wynne where the incident happened an area with high crime. He says there are a lot of juveniles who live in the area. He suspects it was juveniles who vandalized the van. He says neighborhood watch programs in the area are an asset when it comes to finding those responsible.

"Doesn't make it right and it doesn't solve the problem....kids don't need to be out after 8 busting out vehicle windows," said Streeter.

For John Streeter, he says no matter who did it, he hopes those responsible are found before it happens again.