JPD Is Recruiting

JONESBORO (KAIT) The Jonesboro Police Department is looking for a few good men and women to wear the badge. Do you have what it takes?

The initial process may take a couple of months.

You must fill out an application, take a physical and written test. Pass a background and polygraph test. Oral and Physical exams and a physical examination.

Capt. Scott Roper told me what kind of person makes for a good police officer...."Someone with a very calm demeanor. Someone that is very good at problem solving. Someone that deals with people on a regular basis and is able to deal with different personalities."

Being able to work under stressful conditions and a special emphasis is being placed on candidates that are bi-lingual.

Rookie Officer Sarah Smith had been on the job for 4 hours when I spoke with her. Smith is a non-certified officer which means she as not yet attended the police academy training. She has taken 8 weeks of training here in Jonesboro.

Smith"We went through 8 weeks of classroom training. The detectives talked to us, we learned diff rent aspects of the job. We learned how to work traffic accidents, learned how to shoot our guns and qualify with those."

Until she completes the academy portion of her training Smith will rotate shifts with different training officers.

Being a police officer is more than just riding around in a car. Roper says there are lots of opportunities in the department.

"Patrol division, we have traffic division. We've got our SWAT team, drug enforcement. We have a pretty large department and we do offer a number of opportunities."

The applications may be picked up at city hall or the department. The physical and written tests will be administered on October, 18.