New Survey Suggests Some Parents May Not Practice What They Preach

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "Be aware of your surroundings, which you can't do if you're on the cell phone or playing on the radio, said mother of three, Reagan McNeil.

In just about a year, Reagan McNeil's oldest son will be on the road on his own.  Reagan is doing her best to instill good habits to keep him safe. Realizing her son is watching her, Reagan says she tries to set a good example behind the wheel.

"....making sure I have two hands on the wheel, making sure I'm going the speed limit, making sure I come to a complete stop," said McNeil.

"The parent has a direct effect on how the teen drives," said State Farm Agent, Skip Highfill.

"A new national survey says some parents aren't practicing what they preach, which the survey says could contribute to risky driving habits by teens behind the wheel. Arkansas ranks number six in the nation for teen crash fatalities over the last ten years.

"The teen watches you speed and then you turn around and say I don't want you speeding. No, I'm not going to hook my safety belt up, but when you drive I want you to.  You know, actions speak louder than words.

State Farm Agent, Skip Highfill, says not only is it important to set a good example for young drivers, he said it's also imperative to teach them about the responsibility that goes along with the privilege of driving.